I was born and raised in a quiet little town in New Brunswick, Canada. I left at the age of 20 to  Finding myself thousands of miles away from anything or anyone familiar; feeling alone and afraid somehow made me feel alive and empowered. 


I am a mother of two, self-taught artist-photographer and wife to my wildest love. After moving to and from various Canadian cities together over the past decade, we currently live a quiet and messy life in a rural town in New Brunswick, Canada, for now.


I am a free spirited daydreamer, an introvert, a feminist, a lover of strong coffee, and I delight in the powerful teachings of motherhood, birth, art, solitude, nature, yoga, intuitive dance and adventure. I lead with my intuition and I believe that true beauty lies in love, connection and honesty.


 I discovered my love for creating art through photography soon after my son was born in 2012. I left my career as an underwriter to stay home with my sweet baby, and photography began as a way to carve out time for myself, while documenting my son’s childhood and my life as a new mother. My photography is cathartic and now a huge part of my life and in the midst of motherhood, family and home education, I manage to nurture a tiny business while still remaining true to my heart and to the reasons why I began.


I define success for myself and for my life as living and expressing my truth, in all extensions of my being. Providing for my family in unique and intentional ways while maintaining focus on my and our dreams. Being able to provide a service to my dear clients, who find and trust me, in a meaningful and loving way.


I prefer to let my art speak for itself when it comes to labelling my “style”. It changes; it’s fluid. It’s about raw emotions and storytelling, in the moment.


Welcome and I am so happy that you are here <3




2016 Lemonade and Lenses (print)

2016 Click Magazine (print)

2016 In Beauty & Chaos (online)

2015 Lemonade and Lenses (online)

2015 Mozi Magazine (online)


Group Exhibitions

2016 Click Away Seattle - Voice Collection Finalist