What does a session with me look like?


My goal for your session, is to co-create images that celebrate the essence of your stories, whichever parts of yourselves you choose to share with me, and who I see and feel in the moment. I come with my own experiences; my own personal emotions around what this time of your life *feels* like, and I will see you through this lens during our entire time together. What you choose to bring to the images will be completely unique, to you. You will show up, you'll move and engage with your family in a way that is as organic as possible - this happens when you either forget that I'm there or simply get used to having me hover around you ;) We eventually create a space of comfort, and let go just enough to let our light shine through, and my job is to notice it and hit the shutter.

I don't use predetermined poses, but I will at some point guide you into positions and movements that will eventually lead to the connection and emotion that I'm looking to convey. I'm super laid back, slightly awkward and I get really giddy when I see you do something beautifully quirky and I know that I just made a really gorgeous shot. We'll wander around and look for interesting light...I'll ask you questions and then I'll hold the camera up to my face as you're answering because I'm seeing something meaningful in the way you moved or interacted with your child while you were thinking. 

All my Collections are simple and all-inclusive, so the fees include my travel* to the location, my time during and after our session, any wardrobe that I have brought with me for you to wear, and all the images that I have chosen that best speak to your essence and connection. 

I am beyond thrilled that you are here, and look forward to hearing from you so we can start planning our time together <3


To learn more about pricing or if you have any further questions, please connect with and I will be happy to chat with you!

*additional fees will apply for travel outside of the Fredericton/Oromocto area.