Woman book sessions with me.

Mothers are the ones who scroll the internet, or ask around for photographer recommendations.

You are the ones who are the most ecstatic about *finally* getting beautiful images of your precious family done, framed and up on the wall.

You are also *my* focus during the session, because I am just like you and I see your worth, your worries, your heart, your love for your family and your beauty...so I want you to feel adorned, because you simply should every once in a while.

Please do yourself a favour, and make *your self* the centre, the HEART of your session; the images that we will make together should be a celebration of everything that you give and all the many shades of beautiful that you are <3


If going out and buying a new look for your session isn't available to you, or you simply fall in love with something you see here...



Please feel free to choose pieces that you love and work them into your style to create a lovely look for your session!
I love fashion and expressing myself stylistically is simply another channel of self-expression for me, and I am very inspired by it photographically. It would be my absolute pleasure to bring them with me and let you frolic in my clothes. :) 

*I am working on getting a wider variety of sizes but most of these are loose or have good stretch so they are easily wearable to anyone. :) And I can also send better images if you're interested in a particular item. This light doesn't necessarily work best for some of these pieces, so I can model them in a video or photo for you.