We Carry Them

We carried them in our wombs and imagined what their skin would smell and feel like. We carried them in our palms and learned to heal ourselves, at last. We carried them on our hips and worried if what we were doing was good enough. We carried their emotions at times when they seemed too heavy for them. We cried on their sleeping faces at times when emotions were too heavy for us. We carry their hearts in ours in the way only a mother can, as she knows no other way, for her body and theirs have lived together through it all...their souls have held eachother through many lifetimes and across many stars.

sacred space

A photographer who photographs people...a photographer who is an introvert. I have two choices; I can either distance myself from what I'm shooting to get to a place where I feel more comfortable and safe, or I can choose to make art...sit really close and wait until the awkwardness passes, and the quietness of love enters.

Some sessions and some people require a little more chit chat. I love those too. I've made true friends from shoots and have connected deeply through sitting so close, in the sacred space, observing, witnessing, feeling what unfolds so effortlessly when the space is loved and honoured. 

Almost all of my images are unprompted,  unposed, organic and true because of that quietness. Letting them be and allowing them to show themselves to each other and to me, as if I wasn't there. Maybe it comes from actually secretly wishing I was fly on the wall for so many years...I got really good at seeing people without them seeing me.

For me, it's a combination of being there but not really and noticing what makes be feel something.