Love Love Love!

This stunning couple is getting married in a little over a week, and I can't wait to witness and document their most special day!!

I'm sharing images from their engagement session and along with them are powerful and heartfelt words from one of these amazing woman. <3

" I can’t hide that homophobia is a very real part of my daily life, but I believe that living life authentically is more important than pleasing others. I acknowledge the fact that many members of the LGBTQ2+ community fear much more than simply not pleasing friends, family or complete strangers. Some risk much more every day to be true to themselves. Their bravery takes my breath away every day. ——————————
As a queer person, I make it a point to be very open about my queer identity. Growing up, if I would’ve seen more representation of queer people, in happy, healthy relationships, I strongly believe coming to terms with my sexuality would’ve been a lot easier. ~ Melanie Leblanc "

You can find Melanie here and here