there's nothing to cover up

5.5 years ago i was on 6 hour flight, flying across the country, by myself, with my 3 month old baby. My anxiety was at it’s highest in the history of me, and I had put together what was in my opinion the ultimate-no-fail-easy-access-most-perfect-breastfeeding in public-ensemble ever. Well it failed. I failed. And I ended up sitting on the cabin toilet, dry mouth and in tears, nursing my baby to what I hoped would be the deepest and longest sleep of his life, so we can just be on land and I could go hide us under a blanket, again.
I felt alone and ashamed. Shame for using my body to feed my baby. Alone because until I became a mother myself, I had never seen another woman breastfeed her baby. That was my starting point. I understand that this isn’t every mother’s experience, but it was mine and I’ve fought hard with myself for how I live my life now. So look them straight in the eye, scoop up your child and feed her, without skipping a fucking beat, and it will stop being scary, eventually.