what to expect

When space is held for both truths to exist, art is made.

It's really important to me to honor this when I am photographing another person. I feel that my work isn't the most consistent and I think that it's ok. How can it be, really...when I am constantly shifting and swaying and growing, on a personal level, also while paying close attention to what my subjects need me to see within themselves.  I like to think that my art is organic and honest; I look for connection and feeling and meaning, all the time, in everyone and everything, and this is obviously what I seek through my photography as well and so I've always struggled with the idea of "posing" people. *sigh...still navigating my way through this one so perhaps I'll write another post about it later...*

All my sessions are unplanned and unfold in different ways. I may get a glimpse of something leading up to a particular session, and I may attempt it but not always. I feel that my portfolio is soaked with artistic love and feeling, the way that I perceive...and it all plays out differently based on the people, the families and their stories, aesthetics (clothing and environment), the relationships, the light and emotions on that particular day. 

I feel that the deeper I go, the more I see myself really narrowing down (even more) what and how I want to shoot, for others. Life is beautiful and I am so immensely grateful for the freedom that we have given ourselves as a family, and I'm slowly learning to offer ever more of that to myself, as my children grow a *bit* more independent.

I am aiming for nothing less than things that make my heart sing. <3