The MOTHERHOOD Mini Session Event - Moncton, NB

Hey Moncton Mamas,

I am so excited to finally share with all of you that I’m teaming up with my beautiful friend Marie-Line from Beauregard Beauty Boutique, and we are hosting a very special Mini Session Event for Mothers, in Moncton!


Where are these sessions happening and how do these mini sessions work??

We will invite you to join us at the the charming Thomas Williams House in Downtown Moncton, where you’ll be greeted by Marie-Line, who will take care of giving you a light and fresh touch of makeup for your session. There will also be yummy tea and fine chocolates for you to enjoy while you’re getting pampered!

The sessions will be happening throughout the many lovely niches this beautiful heritage home has to offer, with all its antique furniture, wallpaper and big windows. Each session will be unique, inspired by touch and moments, and you will have the option of borrowing from my client wardrobe! All I need from you for these sessions is for you to show up, be present and love on your children the way that you do…leave the rest to us! Let us celebrate you <3

These sessions are for pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers and mothers with her child(ren)!

When is this happening??

Saturday, NOVEMBER 17, 2018

The mini sessions will be 20 minutes long, and your time with Marie-Line is approximately 30-40 minutes, so being prompt will be important so that the sessions run smoothly for all, during the day.

Time slots will be booked on a first come/first serve basis and spaces will be very limited.

Investment and information:


We ask that these sessions be purchased in full at time of booking due to their very discounted nature.

These sessions are completely non refundable.

Wardrobe and styling can be discussed with me after booking.

This Collection includes:

-12 full resolution images minimum with printing rights, in a private online gallery within 4 weeks of our time together.

-luxurious makeup application.

-tea and chocolates while you’re being pampered prior to your session.

-a very beautiful and authentic location that I have carefully and creatively selected for your session.

-the option to wear one beautiful piece from my client closet.

We really hope to meet and create with you soon!

Thank you so much!


Chantal and Marie-Line

Chères amies de Moncton!

Le temps est enfin arrivé de vous dévoiler de superbes nouvelles! Je vais tenir un événement Mini session maternité à Moncton, avec ma merveilleuse amie Marie-Line de Beauregard Beauty Boutique!


Où se tiennent ces mini-sessions et comment fonctionnent-elles?

Marie-Line vous accueillera à la belle Maison Thomas William au centre-ville de Moncton. En vue de votre session, elle vous donnera un superbe éclat avec une application de maquillage. Vous pourrez savourer votre thé et des chocolats alors que vous vous faites dorloter!


Le samedi 17 novembre 2018.

Les mini-sessions sont d’une durée de vingt minutes et votre temps de préparation avec Marie-Line sera approximativement de 30 à 40 minutes. Il est important d’arriver à l’heure afin de ne pas provoquer de retards lors de cette journée chargée. Les places sont limitées et l’horaire sera établi selon le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi.

Coût et information :

375,00 $

Nous demandons à ce que les sessions soient payées au complet au moment de la réservation.

À noter que les sessions sont non-remboursables.

Il me fera plaisir de discuter de stylisme en vue de votre session une fois la réservation complète.

La collection comprend :

-Un minimum de 12 images pleine résolution avec droits d’impression (disponibles sur un site web privé 4 semaines suivant la session).

-Une application professionnelle de maquillage.

-Du thé et chocolats à déguster lors de votre mise en beauté.

-L’accès à un lieu enchanteur choisi tout spécialement pour cette session spéciale.

-L’option de choisir des vêtements de ma collection destinée aux clientes.

Joignez-vous à nous!


Chantal et Marie-Line xo!

June Wedding

" Marriage is memory, marriage is time. Marriage is not only time; it is also, paradoxically, the denial of time. - Joan Didion : The Year of Magical Thinking "

I don't typically shoot weddings, but when and if I do, it's because the celebrations are unique and intimate, I feel a connection to the couple and I genuinely want to document their day. This was my second wedding; my first was a Shamanic Soul Union on a beach in Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick last summer (which reminds me that I never blogged the images from that session!! - on it!).

These two had their closest family and friends present, a beautifully decorated backyard garden, the most exquisite vegan snack spread EVER, and the evening flowed with love and ease <3


Rising in Motherhood

Some phases of motherhood, and of life; the ones that you desperately try to find a way around instead of through, because the weight of hopelessness that comes from sitting in them can be unbearable at times...they can feel like an eternity of deep scarcity. As mothers and as woman, we all sit in the dark alone, yet our own mothers have before us, like our sisters next to us and our daughters in their own time. This ancestral collective of womyn, past, present and future; are holding us, lifting us, feeding us; until we rise up and step into our light once again. 

Love Love Love!

This stunning couple is getting married in a little over a week, and I can't wait to witness and document their most special day!!

I'm sharing images from their engagement session and along with them are powerful and heartfelt words from one of these amazing woman. <3

" I can’t hide that homophobia is a very real part of my daily life, but I believe that living life authentically is more important than pleasing others. I acknowledge the fact that many members of the LGBTQ2+ community fear much more than simply not pleasing friends, family or complete strangers. Some risk much more every day to be true to themselves. Their bravery takes my breath away every day. ——————————
As a queer person, I make it a point to be very open about my queer identity. Growing up, if I would’ve seen more representation of queer people, in happy, healthy relationships, I strongly believe coming to terms with my sexuality would’ve been a lot easier. ~ Melanie Leblanc "

You can find Melanie here and here


We Carry Them

We carried them in our wombs and imagined what their skin would smell and feel like. We carried them in our palms and learned to heal ourselves, at last. We carried them on our hips and worried if what we were doing was good enough. We carried their emotions at times when they seemed too heavy for them. We cried on their sleeping faces at times when emotions were too heavy for us. We carry their hearts in ours in the way only a mother can, as she knows no other way, for her body and theirs have lived together through it all...their souls have held eachother through many lifetimes and across many stars.

This is Three

This is three. I woke up next to her, like I have each morning since the day she was born. She still wakes and finds me each night, and as much as I sometimes wish to have more space, I honestly don’t. This is all is. She is my girl and I see her looking to me with so much love, admiration and hope, and I aim to be all of it for her. I let her watch and listen how I care for myself and how I engage with the world around me; bold, honest and loving, and don’t pay much attention to what others say...or think about how we do what we do. 

who's teaching who?

How much of ourselves and our insecurities and our shit are we projecting onto our children? How is it holding us all back? It’s tough, somedays. It’s about constantly walking that line between being their ‘experienced’ guide, communicating right and wrong, holding space for who they are are, listening to what they need-all while healing and peeling your own layers so you can (too) be connected to your pure and bright self, the way they so effortlessly who’s teaching who? It goes both ways. Oh does it ever. I honestly have no idea what I am doing about 98% of the time, no joke. I’m blazing my own path, always have, always will...but these little humans chose me as their mother, and really, what do I have to lose by digging deep inside of myself and providing them with a unique experience that only I (we) can offer, together.


long hair, don't care

He asked me to cut his hair a few weeks ago (finally?)!! It was so bittersweet for me but he was really excited and ready. His last haircut was a couple weeks before his sister was born, so this gorgeous blond hair took 2.5 years to grow ✨ we took him in for a trim one day and he refused...the lady didn’t talk to him much and came with the scissors too quickly for his comfort and so he just put on the breaks; like loud and very clear breaks. I attempted to cut it myself several times after, with all sorts of ice cream bribes, but nope. I felt myself getting pretty worked up about him not “cooperating” one day and then I thought - if he was a girl, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, nonetheless this whole bribing and tense and counterintuitive situation. So because he is a boy and our culture insists that boys should have short hair, I am “encouraged” to impose this aestetic on him, when clearly he wants no part in it and doesn’t care whatsoever. What am I teaching him? That they matter more than him? That their perspective of who he is matters more than his own? That gender stereotypes will have power over how he chooses to express himself? - So his hair is his, and he will do what he pleases with his body. This is a part of his self-expression journey and bodily autonomy teaching...simply. Yes, people have mistaken him for a girl more times than I can count, and yes he would sometimes tell me that what bothered him the most about it was when they didn’t seem to believe that he was a boy. But when he was four he told me that what people think doesn’t matter because they don’t really know him anyway and he knows himself and that’s more important (yeah I was proud beyond words when he told me that). So he rocked long hair for 2.5 years and decided it was time for a change all on his own. I learned that when we resist who they are and what they are trying to say, what we’re really doing is protecting and projecting our insecurities, and unconcsiously showing them that conforming to what others expect of you, is more important than how you feel.


there's nothing to cover up

5.5 years ago i was on 6 hour flight, flying across the country, by myself, with my 3 month old baby. My anxiety was at it’s highest in the history of me, and I had put together what was in my opinion the ultimate-no-fail-easy-access-most-perfect-breastfeeding in public-ensemble ever. Well it failed. I failed. And I ended up sitting on the cabin toilet, dry mouth and in tears, nursing my baby to what I hoped would be the deepest and longest sleep of his life, so we can just be on land and I could go hide us under a blanket, again.
I felt alone and ashamed. Shame for using my body to feed my baby. Alone because until I became a mother myself, I had never seen another woman breastfeed her baby. That was my starting point. I understand that this isn’t every mother’s experience, but it was mine and I’ve fought hard with myself for how I live my life now. So look them straight in the eye, scoop up your child and feed her, without skipping a fucking beat, and it will stop being scary, eventually. 

she isn't coming

She isn’t coming for you. No one is coming to lovingly clutch your shoulders, stroke your face with their warmth, gaze into your flooded tired eyes and tell you exactly what you need to hear and give you everything that you need. 
So I nest. I retreat and I cradle myself. That’s where I find her.


motherhood, womanhood

Firstborns carry the weight of our falling and our rising, as mothers and as woman. I believe that they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into when they chose to unite with our souls. He is sensitive and creative and expressive and bold; everything that I had lost, I found through intermittent bursts of self-recognition, by simply allowing him to be.
Motherhood is a healing portal. It holds our darkest shadows, pits of fire and repressed rage…but to feel the dark so deeply carries the power to open the heart to newfound levels of beauty, wisdom and love. Love for ourselves, acceptance of ourselves.


what to expect

When space is held for both truths to exist, art is made.

It's really important to me to honor this when I am photographing another person. I feel that my work isn't the most consistent and I think that it's ok. How can it be, really...when I am constantly shifting and swaying and growing, on a personal level, also while paying close attention to what my subjects need me to see within themselves.  I like to think that my art is organic and honest; I look for connection and feeling and meaning, all the time, in everyone and everything, and this is obviously what I seek through my photography as well and so I've always struggled with the idea of "posing" people. *sigh...still navigating my way through this one so perhaps I'll write another post about it later...*

All my sessions are unplanned and unfold in different ways. I may get a glimpse of something leading up to a particular session, and I may attempt it but not always. I feel that my portfolio is soaked with artistic love and feeling, the way that I perceive...and it all plays out differently based on the people, the families and their stories, aesthetics (clothing and environment), the relationships, the light and emotions on that particular day. 

I feel that the deeper I go, the more I see myself really narrowing down (even more) what and how I want to shoot, for others. Life is beautiful and I am so immensely grateful for the freedom that we have given ourselves as a family, and I'm slowly learning to offer ever more of that to myself, as my children grow a *bit* more independent.

I am aiming for nothing less than things that make my heart sing. <3


sacred space

A photographer who photographs people...a photographer who is an introvert. I have two choices; I can either distance myself from what I'm shooting to get to a place where I feel more comfortable and safe, or I can choose to make art...sit really close and wait until the awkwardness passes, and the quietness of love enters.

Some sessions and some people require a little more chit chat. I love those too. I've made true friends from shoots and have connected deeply through sitting so close, in the sacred space, observing, witnessing, feeling what unfolds so effortlessly when the space is loved and honoured. 

Almost all of my images are unprompted,  unposed, organic and true because of that quietness. Letting them be and allowing them to show themselves to each other and to me, as if I wasn't there. Maybe it comes from actually secretly wishing I was fly on the wall for so many years...I got really good at seeing people without them seeing me.

For me, it's a combination of being there but not really and noticing what makes be feel something.